What To Wear When Playing Paintball


The main worry faced by those who have never played paintball is the force of the impact when shot. The most common questions asked are where it hurts on impact, and what the right attire to wear when paying is. You can get most of this stuff at  top paintball deals. This article gives some dress code recommendations that are necessary for this sport.

Basic characteristics of what you will wear

22hdfyedefiyThe best attire for the sport covers your arms and legs. Long sleeves, pants, sweat pants, and sweatshirts are good enough. Your attire should not pick up stains. Your clothing should be light enough to allow flexibility during movement. The thin layer of clothing is the protective barrier that buffers any paintball shot from direct contact with your flesh. The clothes also prevent paint from spilling onto the skin which might be a nuisance washing off. There is no cause for alarm if the paint contacts the skin – it is harmless. The clothing safeguards you from severe welts. The intensity of the welts decreases with the layers of clothing between your bare skin and the paintball. If the weather allows, wear several layers. Soft materials absorb the weight of the shot resulting in fewer breaks.

Colors that are dark or camouflage are better as they prevent you from being spotted easily. When going paintballing, select old clothing that you hardly wear. You won’t mind if they get dirty in the process. Most paints can be easily washed off, however, crawling in the mud or dirt can leave suborn stains. Your clothes should also be loose enough to allow you to maneuver.
Pick shoes that are easy to run with. The best picks are combat boots and athletic sneakers. It would be prudent to have an extra set of clothes. They come in handy for your ride back home.

Safety equipment required during paintball

Most paintball fields rent out the special goggles. The goggles are the perfect safety mask when covering your eyes and ears. You have the option of wearing a hat or beanie. Always ensure that the back of your head remains covered at all times. If you get shot in hand, it will sting seriously and affect your aim for the next thirty minutes. Ensure that you have your gloves on for protection.

Paintball gear used by experienced players

33dfkjkjfnjPros like investing in custom safety gear or clothing that enhances their game play. Most professional players pick items that boost their self-confidence. The ACU and BDU military style clothing are very popular. This is the traditional gray and green combat colors that provide camouflage. Teams can have paintball jerseys customized with their names. The jerseys are made of a material that is light in weight and easy to bounce off when impacted. There are special paintball vests that can make extra old stuff such as maps, radios, water bottles, watches, keys, and wallets. Pod packs contain pods that can accommodate additional paintballs. The paintball mask is probably the most important piece of equipment. Pros would like to have their mask in their inventory.