The pitch to pilot process of making a television show

The process of creating a TV show from scratch is quite a hectic process. Never think that the series you follow are laid down on silver platters like regular reality TV shows. It works stakeholders’ guts out like hell. A good example is grey’s anatomy season 13 download, the creativity, acting environment, required funds of production among other considerations.

The whole process of series creation is distributed throughout the second half period of a year which is called the pitch duration. From now the commencement of a fresh new year is when orders begin to be made, and one starts hearing many people bragging to be the first to watch a continuation of a particular series.

In this article, we are going to look at the processes required in creating a TV show.

The pitching process

This commonly occurs in around July, especially for the broadcast networks. Pitching is fast done002 to acquire a studio. After acquiring a studio, the next consideration is acquiring a network. In most cases, a producer is first pitched who then obtains a deal with a studio where he/she will work the project with. Some producers opt to proceed straight to the network without working in a studio although most studios require studio-delivered projects because of quality assurance and actual project existence.

Working down in paper

Notes are essential when working on projects. Both the network and stuff have their concerns, and so everything should be well-written down for reference when working on actual filming. Since networks are the prime buyers of the project, then their concerns are more adhered compared to those of the studio. If everything is written down on paper, then the demands of both interested parties can be fused and integrated suitably to come up with a perfect project.

Refining accepted projects into proper outlines

003The period between June and September is the usual time when networks and studios are pitched. Afterwards, the appealing projects that have been accepted are thereby refined into proper outlines which afterward proceed to pilot scripts.


The writing down of scripts

Scripts are always written in the period between October and November where frantic writing is pounded to come up with pilot scripts.

Well-laid terminologies

Usually, networks demand TV shows for terminologies to make the shows more catchy and appealing when they commence writing.

The actual casting

When networks have gone through your script and become luck to be considered, then you are ordered to start filming, and this is usually around January. Vetting begins for actors, and constant auditions are carried to come up with talented actors.

The commencement of filming

Qualified candidates are set to begin on filming and following the script and specially trained to suit their characters well.