Friends of the Show – SlushHeap

Katie Hayoz

Live from Switzerland, Wisconsin native, Katie Hayoz has been kind enough to join us multiple times, despite the troubling time difference. She recently published her first young adult novel, entitled ‘Untethered’, which she labels as a paranormal, coming of age tale.

It is not just her experience as an author that urged us to reach out to Katie Hayoz, however. This is a young woman who is entirely dedicated to the writing community. She has been a community member of the Geneva Writer’s Group for nine years. She has spent the time — nearly a decade — focusing her efforts on building and maintaining writing workshops, group critiques, and master classes. She has remained dedicated the underlying matters that make writers into great authors, including research, grammar, editing… but, most importantly, heart and soul. You can learn more about Katie Hayoz at

It is our great pleasure to bestow on Katie Hayoz the title of Friend of the Show. We hope to have her on our panel many times in the future. Thank you for your support and dedication, Katie!
John Rakestraw

Making his third appearance on May 21, 2013, John Rakestraw has officially earned his place on the list of ‘Friends of the Show’. We love having John’s unique perspective on SlushHeap and will continue to invite him for many weeks to come.

John Rakestraw is a writer, artist, former actor, and Google+ HOA host of Rakestraw Book Design Live Events, which airs on Sundays at 2:00PM EST. He balances his many work endeavors with a large family including his wife and eight children, whom, he likes to boast, ‘raised him well’.

John’s sense of humor and devotion to the show are always appreciated. We hope you enjoy him as much as we do! You can learn more about John at his website and can buy his books on
Jim Ault

Born and raised in Ohio, our first Friend of the Show, Jim Ault, played an integral role in the start-up of SlushHeap. He has also offer invaluable assistance in promoting completed episodes. His technical expertise and design capabilities were essential in making the show a reality.

Jim earned his Master’s Degree in Chemistry at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio and spent many years working in the field as a research chemist, engineering technician, computer programmer, and marketing analyst. However, he found that his real love was graphic art. Without a doubt the strongest skills and talents that he had in his arsenal were those tied to technology, especially software design. When the desire to create met an existing skill set, the result was a specialty in creating custom 3D graphics. He targets his product line at those in need of an improved web presence and visitor appeal. His creations work fabulously to enhance websites, social media pages, and numerous other internet locales.

Jim is currently living in Florida and working actively to assist several Google+ hosts in improving brand management and web presence. His efforts on the SlushHeap project will forever be appreciated and earn him the title of ‘Friend of the Show’. You can learn more about Jim by clicking on his photo above.